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Probate and Trust Administration Lawyers Serving Los Angeles

The death of a loved one brings sadness, but it can also bring a substantial burden in terms of legal obligations. In order to prevent financial misdeeds in the administration of wills and trusts, California's probate courts have imposed a number of stringent regulations on trustees and estate executors.

If you need assistance administering a will or trusts, or if you simply want an attorney to handle your legal obligations so you can focus on what's most important, the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Karasov can help. Call us at 818.508.7192 or 760.673.7385 or contact us online to schedule an appointment to discuss any of the following issues:

  • Will Administration: all wills are administered in California's Probate Court.
  • Trust Administration: trusts are not administered in probate court, however, the trustee in charge of administering the trust must adhere strictly to a variety of regulations. If the trustee doesn't follow these rules to the letter, he or she could become personally responsible for the decedent's unpaid obligations, including debts, last expenses, taxes, Medi-Cal liens and more.
  • "Intestate" Estates: when an individual passes away without leaving a will, his or her estate is referred to as "intestate." The estate will be distributed to legal beneficiaries in Probate Court in accordance with California's probate statutes.

Prevent Will Contests and Family Conflict

At the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Karasov, we work to help clients smoothly transfer assets from the deceased individual to the beneficiaries. Since mistakes in the estate administration process can lead to will contests, we provide a thorough, comprehensive review in an effort to avoid such mistakes. In the event of conflict, we can provide services geared toward estate conflict resolution solving the conflict without escalating it, minimizing emotional stress and financial expense.

To schedule an initial consultation with an attorney at our firm, call us today at 818.508.7192 or contact us online.


Family Conflict: Elder Care Disputes and Estate Litigation

The aging or death of a parent or loved one can unearth longstanding intra-family conflicts at a time when emotions are already running high. At the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Karasov, we use mediation and other conflict intervention techniques to help clients resolve conflicts without resorting to costly litigation that can permanently damage family ties.

If you would like to discuss pending estate litigation or a potential dispute regarding the care and disposition of an elderly family member, call 818.508.7192 or 760.673.7385 or contact us online to schedule a meeting with an attorney at Law Offices of Mitchell A. Karasov. We represent clients throughout Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Southern California. We handle a variety of disputes, including those that involve:

  • Medical Care of an Elderly Family Member: often, children come to disagreements over the appropriate level of care for an aging family member. In many cases, these disagreements are rooted in the expense of providing care and the impact of that expense on the beneficiaries' inheritance. We believe that a geriatric care professional should decide which level of care is appropriate.
  • Will Contests and Estate Litigation: after the death of a family member, disputes frequently arise over the administration and validity of wills and trusts. We can help you deal with allegations of undue influence and trustee malfeasance if you believe you have been treated unfairly or if you have been wrongly accused.

Minimizing Expense and Conflict through Pre-Trial Mediation

California encourages all civil disputes to go through some form of mediation however, the courts can only encourage this after the case has been filed and the litigation process has been initiated. At the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Karasov, we use mediation from the very beginning and only file suit if the mediation fails. This unusual approach helps out clients save money and keep disputes from doing irreparable harm to family relationships.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation to discuss estate litigation or mediation with a lawyer at the firm, call us today at 818.508.7192 or 760.673.7385 or contact us online.

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